Quickly serve a whole watermelon with these simple steps to cutting bite sized watermelon cubes.

Watermelon CubesWhether watermelon is a staple food in your home during the summertime or you’ve steered away from purchasing a whole one because you are unsure how to efficiently cut it open, here is a simple technique to quickly cutting watermelon cubes. There certainly are many different ways to cut watermelon. I’ve found this method to be the fastest and cleanest. Make sure to have a large storage container nearby to transfer the pieces to. Keeping pre-sliced watermelon in a sealed container makes it easy to enjoy a sweet and refreshing snack that’s also good for you. 

Watermelon Cubes

Helpful Tips

#1 Use a large knife with a pointed tip. Make sure that it is sharp.

#2 Adjust the space between cuts to create different sized cubes. A larger distance between the cuts will yield bigger pieces, ideal for fruit platters. If you want smaller more bite sized pieces leave smaller gaps between the cuts. Add these to salads or combine them with cottage cheese/yogurt at breakfast.

#3 After you’ve quartered the whole watermelon, the cuts made to the flesh can also be done in reverse to form the cubes.

#4 Use a whole watermelon or purchase pre-cut pieces (in half or quarters) from the grocery store.

Watermelon Cubes
Watermelon CubesHow To Cut Watermelon Cubes

Quarter: Wash and dry the outside of a whole watermelon. Cut into equal quarters (through the center).

Slice: Vertically slice the watermelon flesh down to the rind. Make sure not to cut through the rind. Repeat along the entire length of the watermelon.

Tilt + Cut: Next you’ll have to make  horizontal cuts  from each of the flat sides of the watermelon. To safely make these straight, turn the watermelon onto one of its sides (so that a flats sides is upright. The rind will be at an angle). Securely hold the side of the rind and cut straight down through the flesh. Continue making these vertical cuts until you reach the white part of the rind. Rotate the watermelon onto its other side and repeat. These cuts will release most of the watermelon cubes. Should any cubes remain, either make sure the cuts went all the way to the rind or cut along the white rind to remove these pieces.

Repeat this process with the remaining watermelon quarters. 

A More Creative Cut

Cut watermelon into uniform pellet sized piecesPerfect in a yogurt, salad or enjoyed as snack. Plus it’s a fun kid friendly kitchen activity.

Watermelon Pellets

How to Cut Watermelon Cubes

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    I’ve been meaning to try this! This would be great for someone who needs to hydrate more but doesn’t love the taste of water. Thanks for the great step by step!

    • July 8, 2016 at

      Yes, good point. Thanks Rebecca. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post with another method to “drink” watermelon (without a blender).


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